Is there a way to stop ringing in the ears?

Tinnitus has been described as the sensation of sound which is not audible to other people. It’s usually described by those suffering from it as noises in the ears which range from ringing in the ears, sizzling in the ears, buzzing in the ears and whistling in the ears – all sounds that only the sufferer can hear.

There are a variety of disorders which cause tinnitus. A trip to an ear nose and throat doctor can often determine the cause and sometimes prescribe a cure.

Once Tinnitus appears, the main question is how do I stop noises in my ears?

Tinnitus noises in the ears are physically harmless however it is a debilitating disorder which affects millions of people, both adults and children, worldwide. The symptoms of tinnitus can range from being mildly irritating causing little discomfort to sending people to the brink of mental illness, this is due to them experiencing tinnitus as highly disturbing ear noises that affect their emotional and spiritual as well as their physical well-being.

Tinnitus can cause lack of sleep stress and extreme distress. It can also affect concentration levels and lead to anger, dismay and other behavioral problems. So it’s important that all tinnitus sufferers have a self-help plan in place to get them through those bad days when they can’t stop noises in the ears.

The problem with tinnitus ear noise is that it is very often difficult to treat. There are some people, who have found an underlying problem for their tinnitus which is treatable through medical intervention, but for others there is often no known reason why they have developed tinnitus or it is an untreatable illness which they have to learn to live with.

Taking ownership of your tinnitus

There are two ways of approaching tinnitus, giving in to the misery it may be causing you or facing it head on and taking back control of your life. Your tinnitus doesn’t define who you are; it’s something that you have to learn to live with.

There are several ways you can take control of your tinnitus and we’re going to look at just some of them. Living ‘comfortably’ with tinnitus requires skill and patience which is usually gained by practice and a complete knowledge of your condition, (knowledge is power), so the first thing you should do is learn everything there is to learn about tinnitus.

Self-Help Approaches

There are various ways of taking a self-help approach to tinnitus and they include a diverse approach which includes exercise, control of your diet and knowledge of triggers which may make your symptoms worse and different types of therapies.


  • Diet – A well balanced diet is important to stop noises in the ears, there is some anecdotal proof that certain foods may be a trigger to making symptoms worse, so if your symptoms increase after a meal, take note of what you’ve eaten and jot it down, if it happens again, then that may be a food product you need to avoid. Dairy products are thought to affect some people badly, also excessive salt and wheat products. Drinking plenty of water usually helps as it maintains body hydration.
  • Alcohol and Cigarettes – These are thought to be a trigger for increased tinnitus, if you smoke or drink, either decrease or give up your consumption for a while and see if your symptoms improve.
  • Increased Emotions – Such behaviors as being short tempered, being stressed or in an emotionally distressed condition may make the problem worse, so looking at alternative therapies to reduce stress and anger may assist in reducing your symptoms of tinnitus.
  • Spiritual Healing – This is also important, if you have a self-belief that you can improve your tinnitus symptoms then with some work there is every possibility you will do so. You also need to believe in yourself, even if you’ve been told there is no cure for your tinnitus, having a positive attitude and self-belief will assist you in finding ways of ‘turning the volume down’.
  • Regular Exercise – You may find an exercise plan useful because if you’re concentrating on hitting the gym, then you’ll hopefully forget to concentrate on the noises in your head and be able to stop ringing in the ears.

Once you’ve taken those first steps to stop ringing in the ears, you will find you will begin to regain control of your life. At very least, your tinnitus won’t be in control of you any more. If ringing in the ears persists, you may want to take the next step to cure your Tinnitus once and for all.

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