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Why Are Tea Detoxes Becoming Popular Among Health Advocates?

Tea detoxes have become popular in the past few years because people are realizing it really works. Most know that green tea is very good for the body, but now there are many other healthy teas coming into the mix.

There are teas for liver detox, teas for losing weight, teas for cleansing the digestive tract and many more. There are some teas you may not be familiar with, such as Fenugreek Tea. Fenugreek is an herb that’s mostly used in Europe and can help put your digestive tract in good working order.

Health advocates are learning more about tea detoxes and which herbs are best thanks to the vast information on the internet and the research being done by health care providers and scientists. They’re realizing that some herbs and spices can be used for tea detox and that they can provide many various benefits.

Red clover tea is a detoxifying agent full of antioxidants that can clean your body of free radicals that are so harmful to the body. Flowers of the red clover plant can be dried and used for medicinal purposes such as to clear your lungs of phlegm.

Milk thistle can be made into a tea that’s popular for its many benefits to the liver. Since the liver is the detoxifying organ of the body, it’s important to flush away all the toxins it stores. Milk thistle tea is powerful and can help produce new cells and stop inflammation.

Dandelion tea is one of the most popular among health advocates. Brewing a concoction of this detoxifying tea actually raise the enzyme count that helps to detox the body and can even remove some carcinogens which cause cancer. The gallbladder and kidneys can also benefit from dandelion tea.

Burdock tea isn’t as popular as some of the others, but the benefits are becoming known. Burdock tea also has powerful detoxifying agents and has been used since ancient times to purify the blood. It also strengthens the immune system.

Understandably, garlic tea isn’t the most popular among cleansing teas, but its medicinal properties are awesome. Garlic is known to cleanse the body, plus provide essential nutrients that help the liver do its job of detoxifying.

Cayenne pepper tea is made from a spice that perks up your energy levels and stimulates blood circulation. If you’re having sluggish metabolism problems, drink this tea to give it a jumpstart.

Ginger tea is tart, but great for the body. It can act as an energy booster and detox and also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Ginger helps you release toxins in the colon and liver and can be a part of your morning ritual to help you wake up.

With all the benefits of tea detoxes, you can see why health advocates approve.

They can really keep your body purring -- and you can drink some every day and others two or three times a year during a body cleanse.

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